Welcome to My coach Joe. I am Joe, a personal coach who specialises in working with creative people and members of the LGBT community. I’m here to help you nail down exactly what you want from your life and to help you make it happen.

From Monday 7th November I’m running a free Twitter & Facebook course designed to improve our self esteem. Join me on social media and read all about in the article, here. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the beginning, email or DM and I’ll get you up to speed.

How much time do you get to talk about yourself before someone rolls their eyes or butts in because they believe their life is far more fascinating? That doesn’t happen with your coach, it’s all about you.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads, or have a few tough decisions to make? It could be that you’re not feeling as accomplished as you’d like. Perhaps there are unfulfilled ambitions that you feel are starting to slip away. It could simply be a project that you’re struggling with through lack of motivation or inspiration. Whatever your dream, scheme or dilemma, coaching can help. It works. It’s fast and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Click your way around, this could be the start of a new way of life. Whatever happens, you are always in control.